Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 2 2014 Bandelier National Monument

We discovered Bandelier National Monument near Las Alamos New Mexico and think it was worth the trip. Of course having my senior National Park pass that gets us in with no fee made it a no brainer!  So off we went prepared to do some hiking.  Wow!  We just thought we were in shape!  It was a great day to explore and very interesting, not to mention the benefit of the exercise.  The weather is beautiful and a different kind of heat with virtually no humidity.  Dale actually went the full distance and my excuse was to stay behind and take the pics as he climbed these very steep ladders that were approximately 140 rungs spread on four ladders to get to the top. Considering my experience on ladders, that helped make the decision to stay behind to be the photographer!!  (not to mention the yellow streak down my back!)

 Pretty Flowers along the way
Ancestral Pueblo village
 Homes in the rocks
Etchings in the wall (this one has been covered by glass to preserve it) 
On the way down - This gives a bit of an idea how many steps were involved to get to the top 
 At the top where there was a large opening where some of the Pueblos lived
 Sucessfully climbed down to the first level and proud of it!
Nearing the bottom

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