Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 - ATV Adventure

This morning we decided to try the ATV adventure.  We rented a two seater for two hours.  The people we rented from were the nicest people and assured us that if we were not back by 1 they would come looking for us. Since we were on our own to explore through the National Forest I had these visions of taking the wrong road and ending up driving forever trying to find our way out. I kept thinking of last year in the Kootenai National Forest where Dale insisted we were not lost! Yeah, right!! Anyway, we actually had a map of the trails and the ATV owners were wonderful to point out the trails they recommended since we were newbies at this adventure. We had an absolute blast and ended up going to the top of one of the mountains to a clearing that overlooked a bunch of trees below us.  It was not the most beautiful site we have seen so far but it was such fun and we thoroughly enjoyed the wilderness adventure. We did not see any wild animals but we did see quite a lot of evidence they were around!  I think next time we will be studying up on wild animal poop so we can identify what in the world we should be watching out for!  LOL!  Unfortunately we did this on our last day here or we certainly would have rented an ATV more than just once. 

Tomorrow we head to Durango Colorado and will be there for three days.  I am not sure about being able to post to the blog but will certainly play catch up when I can get a good connection.  No telling what kind of trouble we will get ourselves into in Durango.  Until the next post ....

 The seasoned ATV driver!
 From the edge of the road looking down.

 Great ATV trails
 Can't help but to take pics of wild flowers I have not seen before
 Another new wild flower (I think!)
 Beautiful views on the way to the top of the mountain
Finally got a selfie without a hand in the pic!

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