Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 4, 2014 Treasure Falls - San Juan National Forest

Today we traveled to Treasure Falls and hiked up to the falls.  We had thought we were both in pretty good shape but after climbing the trail up to the falls we figured out pretty quickly we need to hit the exercise room more often and more effeciently!  Wow!  Add to that the altitude and it was challenging but also quite rewarding once we made it to the top.  I loved the going down part and found it not nearly so taxing as the climb up!  LOL!  The hike was definitely worth the trip.  We then went on to Creede Colorado with a stop or two along the way enjoying the scenery and the pure peacefulness of the countryside.  What a beautiful country!

This little guy came right up to Dale's feet before running away!
 Feeling the pressure of the walk!
 The falls at the top of the climb

 View in the distance from 8700'
 Tracing the flow from the falls to the ocean

 Still snow on the ground in June!


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