Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 3, 2014 Santa Fe to Pagosa Springs

Today we traveled from Santa Fe NM to Pagosa Springs Colorado. We saw many cow crossing signs we had not seen before!  I figured with as many signs that we saw we would run into a few stray cows but the only ones we saw were in the fields grazing. No run-aways thankfully!

We had a couple of scares with the yellow check engine light coming on two different times as we were climbing a pretty steep hill.  After talking to the mechanic Dale was told to "drive it like you stole it!"  I was not too crazy about that solution since we were high up, had a lot of curves, and some pretty good drop off points into never never land!  We thankfully made it to the park in Pagosa Springs safe and sound and no cops on our tail!  Whew! 

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